Spring Break 2013

I finally had some time to relax! This week, I relaxed and got to try out a couple new things- from waffles trucks to setting the dining room table, and using my new knives. School keeps me super busy so it was nice to relax- here’s a quick photo journal of Spring Break 2013.

I’m always excited to go home and see Sherlock! I miss him so much. He’s gotten so big!
Waffles and Dinges is one of my latest dessert spot- theres a few trucks throughout the city
The line for spekulous spread is huge!
Amazing waffles- mine with Nutella, and their special- a gingerbread flavored sauce
Seasons 52 Spring menu is out- I’m always excited for the new menu!
Duo of Edamame and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
My newest prized possessions! Wusthof knives. I can’t wait to get home to use them this summer!

and Finally, Happy Founder’s day to my fellow Sig Delts! 96 years never looked so good.


Lastly, CHAG SAMEACH! I love Passover. Here are a couple of photos from our early Sedar!

Sedar Plate and Dining Table
Napkin Detail

Happy Holidays!


We’ve been named !


We want to give a very special thank you to Kymisha Smith, for naming The Couture Cook’s expansion, doughnate. We’ll still be taking private orders (wedding, graduation cakes etc.)! This is something we’ve been working on since September, and we are so proud to finally put a name on it and help others! Also, a special thank you to every one who has taken part in this journey for the past 1+ years, we could not have done it with out you!

For more information about the program, the description can be found here: [the link is also above, in pages]



Max Brenner II

Here’s a quick photo journal from Spring Break’s Brenner visits. MY FAVORITE! I went to 5 different Max Brenners in Israel, so this was a great reminder of my trip. Max Brenner is by far my favorite place in NYC. My chocolate love affair continues…

(l-r) Churros, with milk chocolate, butterscotch, and muddled rasberries, butterscotch shake, mac and cheese with bacon and tomato, and spicy hot chocolate
fuzy late night shot before leaving
berry martini- complete with incredible presentation over ice
fish tacos, sweet relish, rice, beans, beeker, YUM

If you haven’t been, Max Brenner is a great spot. The toughest part is not filling up on delicious food before the dessert! If you plan on going during a weekend, make a reservation on my new FAVORITE website, OpenTable. The site allows you to get points (which lead to dining bucks) for making reservations to many of your favorite restaurants! Check them out at:


While you’re browsing the web, stop by Max Brenner’s site for some goodies (like my prized possession, THE HUG MUG!)


Chocolate. A love story.




After taking a break from Max Brenner, we went to a late night spot in the East Village called Puddin’. I enjoyed the chocolate pudding with brownies and whipped cream. They have pre-made combinations, or you can add mix-ins as you please. There were so many delicious puddin’ flavors, I decided on the chocolate, but the coconut and rice were also delicious. Puddin’ is very comfortable, and cozy, not to mention open until 2 AM! They also cater, and make beautiful pudding “shots.”


I definitely invite you check out Puddin’; their website is

Gui and I had never experienced better vibes and service, especially for late night. The Couture Cook LOVES Puddin’