College Cooking Apartment Essentials

This will be the first year that I live OFF campus- in my very own apartment. I went out of my way to make sure that my apartment had two things:

  1. Allowance to have a dog. I am so excited to bring Sherlock to Ithaca and have him here with me! He’s big enough now to run/jog with me, so it will be nice to have an exercise buddy. 🙂
  2. A decent kitchen. I lucked out though, and found an eat in kitchen with a gas stove, as well as full size Stainless Steel appliances, ample counter and storage space, and good ventilation.

I am so excited to move in (August 1st!) and begin to decorate. Luckily, my mom is extremely talented at this sort of thing, and will be coming up to help me. I have, however, tried to figure out what I will need- regardless of color, etc. My kitchenaid mixer is a pale pink, so I think nudes, taupes, and beige will be prevalent, basically the colors of my blog, especially in the kitchen. My mom’s boyfriend got me an amazon gift card for my birthday, knowing that I’d go through it relatively quickly with all the shopping I need to do for the apartment.

Some of my favorite kitchen items so far [click on the photos to browse on amazon]:

Core Bamboo Prep Station with Measuring Bowls

I love that this cutting board is raised, has key conversions at the top right, and hold measuring bowls. I’ve also been looking for a better base to take photos of my food on, and this grained bamboo might be exactly what I’m looking for.

BlissHome Measuring Cups

I love these rosebud pink measuring cups! They are shaped like tea cups, and have a really fun vibe to them. I also love that the line is where items should be filled to, instead of the top like most measuring cups.

BlissHome Measuring Jug

Another version of the measuring cups in the same color would be this beautiful measuring jug. BlissHome by Nigella Lawson has so many amazing creme and rosebud pink accessories for the kitchen. The sleek lines and minimalist style drew me to them. If you aren’t familiar with Nigella Lawson and her culinary empire, definitely look into her!

What are your favorite items to have in the kitchen?