Max Brenner II

Here’s a quick photo journal from Spring Break’s Brenner visits. MY FAVORITE! I went to 5 different Max Brenners in Israel, so this was a great reminder of my trip. Max Brenner is by far my favorite place in NYC. My chocolate love affair continues…

(l-r) Churros, with milk chocolate, butterscotch, and muddled rasberries, butterscotch shake, mac and cheese with bacon and tomato, and spicy hot chocolate
fuzy late night shot before leaving
berry martini- complete with incredible presentation over ice
fish tacos, sweet relish, rice, beans, beeker, YUM

If you haven’t been, Max Brenner is a great spot. The toughest part is not filling up on delicious food before the dessert! If you plan on going during a weekend, make a reservation on my new FAVORITE website, OpenTable. The site allows you to get points (which lead to dining bucks) for making reservations to many of your favorite restaurants! Check them out at:


While you’re browsing the web, stop by Max Brenner’s site for some goodies (like my prized possession, THE HUG MUG!)


Chocolate. A love story.




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