Home (Spring 2012)

View from the 39th floor of the new apartment building on a foggy day
Apparently OCCUPY has moved to Union Square- which proved to be a MESS
New Pucci Day Scarf! I love that it isn't multicolored (though I love the more typical prints as well)
the window of The Sweet Peace; a gorgeous bakery in Lynbrook, NY
Pollos A La Brasa Mario in Jackson Heights
Mango y Leche- YUM!!
One of the only sodas I'll drink
Tostones- fried plantains
Skirt Steak & Potatos

For my last night in NY, Gui and I went to Pollos a la Brasa Mario in Jackson Heights, our favorite 24-hour spot. It’s best to go with someone who speaks spanish, and the best if you’re looking for authentic colombian food. The arepas are pretty incredible. The best part is that Pollos a la Brasa comes with the portion size; you get A HUGE bang for your buck! For more information, check out the PALBM yelp page here; http://www.yelp.com/biz/pollos-a-la-brasa-mario-jackson-heights

I miss home already!



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