>Cupcake Fun

>I needed to feed my insomnia; which has a huge sweet tooth. And so cupcake fun it is:

end of the world cupcake link
So a couple of current events for my readers; the M16 Al Queda hack included swapping bomb recipes with cupcake recipes! Read the article [HERE]
these cupcakes are so beautiful because of a simple frosting swirl flower, the cupcakes have detailed rose toppers! tres chic!
Reminding me of Japan; Hello Kitty cupcakes! They look delicious!
My personal Favorite! Rainy-day cupcakes. they’re really easy to make; the blurb on the page says:

Rainy day cupcakes! I couldn’t bake real rain into a cupcake, but some blue food coloring and sprinkles almost do the trick! To make your own, just add a couple drops of blue food coloring or food gel to 1/3 of your favorite vanilla cake batter. Scoop a tablespoon of it into the bottom of your paper lined cupcake tins to make the “puddle.” Next, add a few tablespoons of blue jimmies sprinkles to the remaining (undyed) batter to make the raindrops. Add a couple tablespoons of that to the cupcake tins. Then bake! Finish ‘em off with a “cloud” of white vanilla buttercream—suddenly your rainy, cloudy day becomes a delicious treat!

link can be found: HERE


*sigh* just another wedding-necessity.

At first, I thought this couldn’t be real. get a “bunch” of info on these incredible minis HERE

..more popcorn play

I thought my mom (a manicurist) would really appreciate these! Hey.. I kinda want cupcakes on MY nails! *hint hint*

Here is another collection of the cupcakes that started it all! Couture cupcakes never looked so good.

Any good cupcake ideas?

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