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On my [short] trip home to New York last weekend, Gui took me out to a new restaurant in Union Square, called Vapiano. He told me that it was a new restaurant, a very unique one that was popular in Germany. This resturant is unlike any other in New York. Although many are used to the typical italian eateries, and pizza places, this Euro-Bred brand is definitely going to take over the American concept of what food service is. It’s difficult to describe the “fast casual” set up of the restaurant, but it’s basically set up in stations (antipasto, pizza, pizza, panini, bar) and you go to each station, order what you’d like, have the card scanned, and sit wherever you’d like in the restaurant. The pasta is handmade, and everything is (basically) made to order. It is absolutely the highest quality “fast” food I’ve ever had. It was all SO delicious. For more information, or for locations, visit their website at: http://www.vapianointernational.com/

Menus are located all over the place… Also,  my chip card (which is used to keep a tab)
First station: antipasto. The Cesar Salad is delicious and light, and for a small extra, I got warmed grilled chicken served on top, chopped and delicious

Pasta Bolognese. One of my favorite aspects about the pasta order is that you pick a sauce, and the type of hand made pasta to serve it with

Ricotta and Spinach filled Raviolis, with lots of cheese on top! Also, there are fountain drinks (which are self serve)

Dessert from the bar section, a chocolate torte

traditional italian expresso

tea; served beautifully, earl grey loose tea with removable strainer as part of the cup. I really enjoyed the way the tea was served! it was huge, and beautiful

perfect ending to a great dinner!

The best part about Vapiano is the simplicity and elegance. I highly recommend it for all groups, big and small. The one I visited is [I believe] the first and only one in New York, and was located on University Place.

Buon Appetito!

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