>UMASS Frost Your Own Cupcake


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but just in case I haven’t; the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s award winning dining facilities are INCREDIBLE. I have a meal pass from the skating team, so I go there quite often. My favorite UMASS dessert is the chocolate torte, which I’ve had twice so far. However, today was an especially great event; the frost your own cupcake day! Luckily I’ve met one of the biggest foodies in the world; and my first pumpkin pie order; Virag. So, we got one of each cupcake… and went to town like it was our birthday. Here’s some photos!
(you can tell who frosted which ones (; hehe)

a play on dirt in a cup! red velvet with chocolate frosting..

confetti vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, topped with chocolate chips

red velvet cake, green icing, chocolate drizzle

yellow cake, chocolate frosting, marshmallows, and reeses

out favorite, chocolate cake, red frosting, and reeses peanut butter cups on top

oreo cake, peach frosting, oreo topping

Not the prettiest due to high-volume of people and lack of instruments, but delicious, and fun! I think I’ll organize a mixer like this at school soon! seems like it would be a lot of fun!
Tomorrow? a red velvet sandwich cookie recipe, along with pictures! I’m working at an after school program in holyoke that has a culinary arts program! I’ve already started planning and getting ideas for future programming, and am looking forward to (hopefully!) working in the program throughout my time here at smith! The program is filled with wonderful, receptive children who love food! I’m so grateful to have a job I look forward to going to each and every day!
Eat Sweet.


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