>The Food Truck Movement.


Something about California: the food is delicious. Both in restaurants, and otherwise. One of the least suspecting places? On the streets in food trucks. I made it my business to explore the great food truck movement the best I could; and I like what I found. As I sit here in my dorm room, watching the snow fall outside, and hungry, I am missing California’s great weather, and of course the food. Enjoy some photos of Cali’s best kept secrets. For my Comfort Truck Experience, CLICK HERE.
I’m not quite sure what the truck’s name came from other then the fact that they serve argentinian food, but the steak that Jestina ordered was delicious. It also came with two side dishes of choice.

Che Truck’s website wasn’t in service, but their twitter can be found HERE

Look familiar? It’s the NOM NOM truck from food network’s Great Food Truck race. The truck was runner up in the show. Serving Banh’mi (vietnamese baguette sandwiches), this truck did not disappoint as our last lunch in LA.
I couldn’t resist taking a bite! I got pork. The sandwich was meat, thin sliced cucumber, mayo, cilantro, and a delicious radish carrot slaw. It was sweet and savory (my favorite)! The bread was flakey and fresh, and I only wish it had been larger!

Nom Nom Truck’s Website can be found by clicking HERE

The West Side food truck meets for lunch and dinner, about three times a week. A bunch of trucks set up here and stay for a little over an hour. THIS IS A MUST STOP FOR THE FOODIE VISITING LA!

The website  for west side food central can be found by clicking HERE

Brazilian food is my favorite; and I got to dine at the ONE AND ONLY Brazilian food truck in LA: Ta Bom (It’s good! in Portuguese) 
Pastel is the brazilian equivalent to the empanada. peep the inside!

Flavorful Chicken and Cheese!
Beef! I enjoyed that they included carrots and peas; makes sure you get your veggies!
Ta Bom Truck’s website can be found by clicking HERE

Lastly, I got to eat at the MECCA of cupcake shops. The ORIGINAL Sprinkles Cupcakes. I was in heaven. I was so lucky to take the trip out to Rodeo and indulge on some of the most delicious cupcakes in the world. They were hands down the best I’ve had. Ever. Even better? They’re baked FRESH every SINGLE morning! If that’s not incredible, I don’t know what is!

Cupcake Fork! I used it, although Sam and Jestina found it too complicated. I liked it, it slowed down the process and made me enjoy the flavors more.

Three for me, please!

Cinnamon Sugar: a personal favorite. (besides red velvet!)

Jestina’s Vanilla Cupcake.

Best red velvet cupcake I’ve ever tasted. Have they won any awards? I’d love to know. If they haven’t, they should!
All in all, the trip was incredible. I must have gained 100 pounds from enjoying all the goodness LA had to offer my taste buds. Food trucks were not only an affordable option, but a delicious one. After growing up in the land of the hot dog stand, this was quite the journey. I’ll be back very soon…
On a slightly different note, I’m looking forward to exploring this summer and enjoying foods of the foreign lands I’ll be visiting. Currently on the agenda? Honduras, Israel, and Japan.


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