>Los Angeles, California.

>I’m in Los Angeles, and everything is incredible, from the weather to the food! We have visited many different types of places for good eating from stands, to resturants, to FOOD TRUCKS. Before coming out here, I knew that I wanted to utilize Los Angele’s latest phenomena: the food truck. Our first stop was near my uncles melrose abode, and it was a good one!


We stopped at Chef Brian’s Comfort Truck, which was on Melrose, somewhere between Fairfax and Gardner. I spotted the truck online (among others) from this website [CLICK] HERE. I ordered the crispy chicken sliders, and the macaroni and cheese. I don’t usually enjoy peppers and things, but the Crispy Chicken Sliders, made WHILE I was waiting, was incredible. Crispy, and succulent, and not the mention the delicious flavors. As phrased on the comfort truck’s website LINK

Golden Fried Chicken Slider: Boneless breast of chicken, marinated in fresh herbs and seasonings, then deep fried until golden brown and served with a roasted garlic aioli.

Food Truck Love ❤


The macaroni and cheese, however, I cannot even begin to describe. For like, two dollars, the mac&cheese came in a chinese food box, and was probably the best two dollars ever spent. The mac&cheese (also served at temp!) was warm, creamy and delicious. I forgot to ask what type of cheese he used, but it was GREAT. I was pretty full from 3/4 of the box.. so I passed it along and shared with the fam afterwards! =] I got the second to last serving, and since it’s not always around.. I was pretty excited that I got the opportunity to indulge.

The single best part though? Celebrity Chef Brian Hill is ON the truck. One of my newfound pet peeves, and common occurrences [seeing Kat Von Dee’s tattoo shop with her no where in sight yesterday!] is the promotion of businesses and things, without being proactively involved. Brian, on the contrary, prepared my food in front of me, and then after I had finished eating and talking, took pictures with us and shared his stories and insights of LA. It was an incredible, and extremely motivational experience for me. He’s originally from DC, and now he’s here doing what he loves in LA. And as a newly government-major turned entrepreneurial/econ major, it was exactly what I needed to reassure myself that I’m doing the right thing. Maybe not cooking (I think I’m too much of a picky eater!) but absolutely pastries and chocolates (with loose teas and coffees!) in the future.

Chef Brian and I!

Before I head out to Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Malibu today, I just want to stress the importance of doing what you love. Seeing something SO successful always reminds me of that. Do not seek success and fame, you’ll get that by doing what you love. I’d like to thank Chef Brian SO much for [already] completing my trip to LA and making it worth it. I hope we can keep in touch! After one of the hardest years of my life, it was awesome to see someone I watch on my TV [anyone who’s ever been in my dorm knows food network does not come of my TV at anytime.. except for gossip girl, true blood, dexter, and house!] be so receptive and passionate.

Peace love and food,

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