>Thank you all (especially international viewers) for following! Currently, I have had viewers in over 15 countries! After striving to promote international service like my trip to Honduras, I thank you all for the support! Food really is a universal bond, and I am so glad to have a part in that.

Currently, I still have peanut butter chocolate cupcakes for sale to support the Global Medical Brigades in Honduras. Please contact me to man an order (other flavors as well of course! see previous post)

As for this weekend, I’ll have a new recipe post, so stay in touch! I haven’t decided what yet, but if you have any recommendations? Let me know on the new formspring I made. I figure that I don’t get a lot of comments due to shy-ness… So maybe this will start some buzzing from the viewers? We’ll see how it goes.

Also, TheCoutureCook has a new email address! Feel free to make orders, leave feedback, blog requests, whatever! (I actually just hooked the address up to my phone and mailbox on the laptop, so now I’ll be available through that often!)

Formspring Link: http://www.formspring.me/TheCoutureCook
Gmail Account: TheCoutureCook@gmail.com

Cheers! Love.

ps. i have a new look… i’m not sure if i like it. what do you think?


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