>Sweet Cupcakes, Harvard Square

>Yesterday I spent the day in Cambridge. While taking the time to visit, I had one stop on my list; Sweet Cupcakes. Although I’ve heard mixed reviews of the place, I decided to try it for myself.
…Well, of course I ordered the Red Velvet cupcake. Red Velvet cake is my favorite.

But before we get to the cupcake, I’d like to quickly talk about the decor. The place had a new york city modernity to it that made me feel a little cold. I guess this is because I have this vision of what I want my eventual place to be, but whatever works. Is it beautiful? yes. Are the cupcake boxes charming and do they make you want to spend the extra 50 cents to buy them? Yes, almost. Don’t get me wrong, I really did appreciate the simplicity and elegance they were going for- the cupcakes were beautiful. It just wasn’t appealing if you wanted a comfy place to chill, indulge, and enjoy their goods.

The cupcake… where do we begin? There’s a fair amount of flavors; most of them are just classic, usual flavors. There are a couple of more exotic-types, I saw an angel cake that didn’t have a gigantic glob of frosting that looked delightful. My favorite part was that they spelled the carrot cake like “karat”. The Boston creme was also very.. fitting considering the location. Another interesting feature was the “frosting shots” for a dollar and change, you can just eat… the frosting. I don’t find that appealing, but hey, that’s me.

The red velvet.

The cupcake itself was decent. I prefer a moister cake, but I’ve found that many bakeries prefer to make their cupcake on the drier side; this was not an exception. But the red velvet flavor was definitely there and delicious. The two criticisms I had of the cupcake were in the frosting;

  1. TOO DAMN MUCH OF IT. I like the frosting to highlight the cupcake, not consume it! The cupcake came with two stylized bumps, so I cut one off, and spread the bottom to cover the WHOLE cupcake.
  2. I thing the frosting was just too sweet. It was supposed to be a cream cheese frosting, but if it was I couldn’t tell. It was loaded with sugar. I was expected a milder, softer frosting. This one was a little grainy, and sweet like no other.
All in all, I do believe that they are good cupcakes. They were TASTY, but if this is the best Boston’s got, they have no idea what a perfect cupcake is. There are three SWEET stores in the area, and they do take orders. If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can visit their website HERE.
School starts tomorrow. Yay for school.
But on a more positive note, I’ll be including my pumpkin pie and apple pies recipe for all of you to indulge in! =D

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