>Bub’s BBQ: Sunderland, MA

>I’m going to Los Angeles in March. In efforts to get my body into better shape, I’ve decided to start eating better, so expect slightly healthier reviews and recipes in the next couple week. (I’ll still be posting sweets for my sweet tooth!)

But, for our last supper and glutton foodies, my Cali buddy Sam and I spent our last supper going to a local diamond in the rough, Bub’s Barbecue. Located in Sunderland, I had found out about this southern-style BBQ joint from my aunt and uncle, who’s son went to UMASS. My cousin David graduated from UMASS years ago (and just welcomed a baby girl into the world! yeee!) and they all remembered the place. Explaining the grunge-y decor and ambiance nostalgically, Sam and I rented a zip car first semester and indulged. Our second trip was just as good, maybe better.

First, I have to say, I highly recommend their pulled pork. I’m a huge piggy fan as it is, spiral ham, pernil, pulled pork, bacon, sausage, you name it I enjoy it. 

Oh, and for the first time, I ate a spare rib! I know it’s strange I had never eaten spare ribs before! They are delicious. Bub’s BBQ sauce is intensely good, it’s has a great kick to it. and every single meal you get comes with a hot and cold bar.  There are rolls of paper towels on each table, and they set up a tent when it’s warm enough. Everyone is really friendly, and it has a real southern vibe to it, even though it’s in the middle of New England.

One of my favorite places I’ve eaten at in Massachusetts so far, I’d definately recomend it to Smithies who are sick of the food here and have access to a car! It’s different from the artsy-hipster vibes downtown and VERY friendly on your pocket.
You can visit the Bub’s website here at: bubsbbq.com.

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College friendly recipes, it is!

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