>La Cocina de Marcia

>So, a new puerto rican/dominican resturant opened up in freeport while I was away at college. After hearing nothing but excellent reviews of this place, I ordered some food for delivery on my own and tried it for myself!

To get more information or to order, visit La Cocina de Marcia’s website HERE or check them out on Facebook.

a small salad before indulging BIG TIME.

crispy, chunky tostones. I loved these more than other’s because the inside stayed fluffy and incredible.

delicious pork butt. Pernil is my FAVORITE, and the mean was so succulent and juicy. I had plently left over for dinner also!

pork mofongo was delicious. The sauce it came with also added another dimension to the dish!

After indulging, once at lunch and again for dinner; I have to say, I have a feeling I’ll become a regular whenever I’m back in New York.

Love food. Tomorrow? Either a Pernil or Short Rib Recipe.
We’ll see.


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