>Sofrito! &NYE 2011

>Happy New Year! I spent my day eating. Literally, from noon until.. well, I haven’t stopped eating yet. My new year was filled with friends and family. I hope that all of you spent the new year the way you wanted to, and wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy 2011& beyond. I still don’t feel any different, but hey, if you made some resolutions, follow them and achieve! So, the first post of the new years hits close to home, sort of. As some may know, I’m an interesting cultural mix.. I’m puerto rican panamanian and israeli. Although I grew up with my mom who’s white, I have the taste buds of any latina I’ve ever met, and believe me, I can cook authentic latin american cuisine as well. In honor of this, I present you with a restaurant recommendation AND a recipe for home! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

What is Sofrito?

In addition to this ingredient, Sofrito is my favorite restaurant in Manhattan. Popularized by Fabolous’s song “Mira Mira,”it’s definitely one of the more upscale authentic puerto rican restaurants in New York. Although it’s been overly busy with tourists and groupies alike, between the beautiful ambiance and the excellent music, I’m hooked.
Gui took me out for a surprise dinner to Sofrito right before we rang in the new years. (He was working, so I was a tiny sad.) But I figured I’d share with my lovely readers! Also, Sofrito recently opened a new restaurant in Tribeca called Sazon (equally as good). 
Anyway, I love Sofrito because the walls of Sofrito’s bar are embellished with my favorite artist and nu-yo rican native James De La Vega. I’d absolutely recommend this place to anyone, I’ve been going for over three years now, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
I really do advise visiting over the week though, because it has been incredibly packed. They don’t accept reservations except for parties of eight of something on weekdays only? Either way call. Their website can be found HERE at: http://www.sofritony.com/
¡buen provecho!

Just one example of the numerous mural-istic works of art on the walls
front awning.. not such a busy night

Empanadas de carne with a DELICIOUS guava sauce.. I got the recipe off of food network, I’ll post it soon!

Gui indulging in the goods

Tostones with a mojo sauce.. garlic goodness!

churrasco (skit steak) with arroz y habichuelas (from my phone since my camera’s battery died.. new one soon though ]= )

flan de queso! sweet and creamy as ever, some of the best flan I’ve ever tasted!

 Recently, a chef at Sazón was on Bobby Flay’s Recipe “Showdown” on Food Network. I love the food network, it is a staple on my televisions both at home and at school. They posted a version of the empanadas HERE. I haven’t tried to make them yet, but I’m looking forward to trying them really soon, and I hope to get a taste of my favorite restaurant of all time at school this semester with this recipe. DELICIOUS. Delicious. Delicious.

Well, keep cooking, and enjoy the new year! Get some rest, I know I haven’t yet! Maybe tonight though. Gui’s last day in New York is tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to some serious eating and quality time tomorrow!

Paz, Amor, y Comida.


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