>While your hot chocolate is cooling…

>So my good childhood friend Nick recently posted about his frustration with incredibly hot, too hot, hot chocolate on twitter. On the contrary, I always get really disappointed when I wait to long and by the time I try to drink the chocolate, it’s on the luke warm/cold side. Recently, my mother got a keurig for christmas, so I’ve been drinking the Milk Chocolate K-cups. They are good, but they are very hot when they finish.

So, today’s question is this: what can you do while you’re waiting for hot chocolate to cool.

  • my first recommendation to my friend was to stir in a whole candy cane, and by the time you’re done the hot chocolate will not only be drinkable, but it will be a mint-chocolate treat!
  • home made whipped cream is also a viable option to make when you start to boil the water. To do this, in a bowl, add some heavy whipping cream and mix with a hand mixer or a hand blender. add confectioner’s sugar to taste. add a dollop to your hot chocolate!
  • another option is to make your own hot chocolate, “from scratch.” My favorite is a european chocolate, similar to a warm chocolate pudding. I found a recipe for it HERE. It’s not extremely sweet though, so if you want sweet add more sugar.
  • Also, going back to my Home is Where… post, where you can find Martha Stewart’s home made marshmallows.
  • Search for some new, yummy, recipes! (Recently, i’ve been getting into WHITE hot chocolate, especially from Dunkin Doughnuts!)
With that, if you’re in the burbs, stay safe, try not to go out! Freeport does a terrible job at clearing the streets, it’s still pretty crazy.
I know I want to escape, I have terrible cabin fever thatI just can’t seem to get rid of. It’s okay, maybe I’ll start to crochet my blanket again, and keep planning our New Years festivities!

But until it’s safe,

Stay warm. Cook something. Peace & Love.

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