>Back in the Kitchen!

>In both of the places in which I reside.. (New York, Massachusetts) it is snowing. So, in honor of the chilly white goodness, have a recipe! Actually, three recipes! Now that christmas is over, the big feasts are dwindling and the ham sandwich leftovers are starting to end, (I’ve been eating ham with some of my friend’s mothers rice, which was SO BOSS. thanks edwin) it’s time to get back on that stove!

First up is the ever so famous maple taffy. Not only is it super easy, it’s delicious. And, even better, it requires some clean, fresh snow! Yum yum yum, chewy goodness.
So, to make maple taffy…

  • boil 100% Natural maple syrup to 240 degrees. When it reaches temperature, drizzle the syrup in strips over fresh, clean snow! 

Yum yum!

Next is a really easy, sweet tooth saver. It was one of the first recipes I “invented” and now I’ve been making these for years! It’s also quick and easy because the rolls are store bought! Best of all, the chocolate rolls are very college friendly.

Store bought crescent rolls (Pillsbury, store brand, whatever works)
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
rainbow sprinkles

  1. Unwrap the rolls
  2. put some chocolate chips on the roll
  3. roll up normally
  4. roll in sprinkles
  5. bake a minute or two less then the recommended time
  6. enjoy!
See? Easy, quick, sweety goodness!
Last, is my mom’s stuffed artichoke recipe. Stuffed artichokes are my super favorite things in the world! This, along with her chicken noodle soup, and my grandma’s chicken an dumplings, is ultimate comfort food for me.

steaming artichokes

bread crumbs
red pepper flakes
parmesan cheese, the powdery fluffy kind works best
garlic, chopped/minced
olive oil
4 artichokes
chicken broth

  1. in a large bowl, combine 2 cups of bread crumbs, a heaping tablespoon of the pepper flakes and garlic, and 3/4 cup of parmesan cheese.
  2. slowly pour and mix in olive oil until the mixture becomes a dry dough consistency, stir well
  3. clean artichokes, cut the stems, and stuff bread crumb mixture into the artichokes
  4. place artichokes in a roasting pan, and fill the pan with broth.
  5. cover entire pan, place on stove over medium heat and steam artichokes for one hour or until they are tender
  6. serve alongside a bowl to place the scrapped leaves
  7. enjoy!
Continue to eat and be merry! ‘Tis the season.
How does empanadas sound for tomorrow?
peace. love. stay warm!

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