>Did anyone try making the brigadeiro? Easy, right? I made it twice in two weeks, once for my First Year Seminar Class, and another for Nosotra’s Mesa final goodbye dinner. My Co-Publicity Chair is leaving for Brasil (lucky her!) along with another loved e-board member, Glorianne. A proper bon voyage was had, including brigadeiro and bejinho to introduce some new brasilian flavor’s to their seasoned latino-cooking palates! Everyone loved the brigadeiro/bejinho (together just brigadeiro) very much! I also made a chocolate chocolate chunk cake with white chocolate marbled topping. We ate A LOT, including an incredible dinner made by a couple of the girls (nothing beats Alfredo sauce!) But I still had left overs, so I gave it to Sammy over at UMASS to help him get through his finals!
I’ll post pictures of the dessert when Kathy puts them up here, but until then I’ll include the ever-so simple beijinho recipe!

1 can condensed milk (cheaper, better.)
2 tablespoons of butter (optional)
1/2 cup coconut flakes (the moist sweetened stuff in a bag is fine!)
1/4 cup-ish of Sugar
Clove (optional)

-Just like the brigadeiro, empty the can of milk and butter into a saucepan, and bring to a light simmer, stirring constantly. add the coconut, and remove from heat after the milk begins to separate from the pan. Spread on a buttered cookie sheet or plate or pan. Allow to completely cool
Roll into small balls, just about the size of your thumb, or slightly bigger, and coat with regular sugar, or coconut flakes! Top with a clove if you’d like. I don’t


Then, just some personal things, I’m finally done with my first semester of college! which is incredible. Also, I have a fan page on facebook, so PLEASE ‘like’ to get updates on the couture cook, including new blogs, giveaways etc. The Couture Cook Fan Page Here
Also, I’m still selling sweets to raise money for honduras. Unlike other vendors, 100% of sales will be going to a cause. In this case, the Global Medical Brigades. If you feel like donating without ordering a pie/cupcakes/cheesecake/other sweet, my donation link can be found here! Please contract me if you’d like more information!
Third thing, Smithies/Umass-ies (err.. not so smooth)/5-college/Mass Residents: When we return from break, I will be having a cupcake tasting to raise money as well. Basically, I’ll have some samples (minis) and information on each of the cupcakes. If you’d like to order large versions, they will be sold for 2 dollars each, and proceeds will go to the trip fund!
Forth thing, I cannot wait to go home, Sam is driving because I hurt my back, but we’ll be making a pit stop to the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets, so I’m excited about that! (hello, guccifendiburberrypuccichanel etc etc etc outlets!) =] I’ll post some photos!
Last thing, I’d just like to thank all of my incredible readers! I’ve gotten such good feedback from friends and what not, but I would just like to express my appreciation for my international viewers! Just this once, I’ll post a picture of some of my followers from different countries! I could not thank you all enough! =]

Such a worldly following, no?

But finally, I figured I’d share my christmas list with you!

Besides the mixer (see past post) I have two things on my list this year:
  • First, is the Leica V-Lux 2 Camera. Recently, my point and shoot broke. This Camera takes incredible professional-quality photos, and that would be great for the food on my blog, of course. However, since the $800 price tag is most likely to not appease mother, I will absolutely settle for the Nikon Cool Pics DSLR. That would probably be more realistic, but I’ll keep dreaming either way.

  • Second, The ever-too classic Christian Louboutin Pumps. Although, again, a hefty price tag, the pumps are perfect for well, just about everything. This would be Christian Louboutin number 4 for me, and I have a feeling they wouldn’t be the last, either. I think they are a must have to every closet, especially the future lawyer/bake shop owner like me, naturally. I know it’s silly but I can imagine them, the same pair from years earlier, sitting beside a Hermes Birkin Bag. (I should probably stop dreaming) Well anyway, class, black, high, classy, beautiful. You can find those HERE. Only burning a $695 hole in your pocket. Not bad, eh?
  • Lastly, a cupcake charm for my friend Nia and I. We are both craving them pretty badly these days… What do you think? You can find them in all types of flavors HERE.
But tell me, what do YOU wish for for Christmas this year? I know as I’m preparing for my first Holiday Season without my Grandmother, it seems a little better sweet. I’m trying to cope by using some good old retail therapy, but I still think the most important part of the Holidays is spending it with people you truly care about.
Speak to you soon, looks like my next post will be from my new kitchen set-up we got going on!
Remember, appreciate appreciate appreciate!
Candy Cane Coated Love.
-Brooke ❤

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