>All I want for Christmas

>Some girls want cars, or diamonds, or other silly things for christmas. But, what do I want? (besides people to buy my pies and support me going to Honduras with the Global Medical Brigades, of course) Noneother then the ever so classic, most beautiful kitchen appliance ever in the history of culinary arts:
I know, I know, they are quite the pretty penny. However, since even the earliest of cooking shows, these beautiful mixers can stand on a countertop and do nothing, and STILL look like they’re god’s gift to earth.
We just got our kitchen redone, and I just can’t see why this isn’t a good idea. The mixer in black would look perfect resting on top of the new granite countertops making my dough for some home made bread. But the best part about the mixer is it does more than just mix, you can buy these incredible accessories for them, like a pasta maker, or an ice cream maker.

Isn’t she lovely?

Any objections? I can’t seem to find one.


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