>Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.

>So, I got commissioned to bake my first pie, a pumpkin one! Although pie/sugar pumpkins are becoming increasingly rare, it’s worth it to put the extra time into using one instead of the canned purée. (especially when it’s for a pumpkin head’s birthday party..) I’ve never felt so much pressure baking anything, but I knew the pie was for a VERY VERY VERY avid pumpkin pie fan. Although I cannot wait to share my pie recipes with you all, you’ll have to wait until after my fundraiser is over! Although if you’d like to wing it on your own in the meantime, I’d advise trying a graham cracker crust…
Either way, Here’s some photos from the first (very successful, might I add, pie.)

Right before baking.

Lovely, smooth, creamy interior texture!

Pumpkin Pie Testimonial:

Thanks for the pumpkin pie, Brooke!

It was delicious. My entire floor can attest to it. The graham cracker was a great addition to it.”

Also, I made brigadeiro for my class presentation tomorrow (see recipe below.). I’ll see if I can post my presentation and potentially my 10 page paper of chocolate on here soon!

Lastly, I got a brand new kitchen waiting for me at home, so I’m sure it’ll be exciting to start cooking in there next week. If there is anything I’d want for christmas, it would be a kitchenaid stand mixer. I know, they are very expensive. But, they are so beautiful to look at and use… I just can’t see myself without one for much longer. Also, looks like I need a new camera =| My digicam is making very scary sounds. =[ Although I’d love to get a mini DSLR to take better quality photos on my blog.

More to follow! Probably tomorrow! Bake it out, kids!

PS; Thank you to all my readers, especially my international readers. It is so incredible to see places like Canada, France, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Israel, and Singapore on statistics! Please continue the support! I appreciate it so much!


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