>For my final project in my incredible First Year Seminar class, titled “What’s in a Recipe?” with Nancy Sternbach, I am doing a project on cocoa. Yes, I know I am doing a project on chocolate. I am spoiled. Anyway, we must include a recipe that is close to our hearts that uses the ingredient of choice. When I began dating Gui two years ago, one of the first brazilian delights I had enjoyed was at a birthday party. As common as cupcakes are in america, in brazil brigadeiro is what is shared during birthdays. This year I was away from Gui on his birthday, so I sent him brigadeiro! Although there are many different variations and flavors of brigadeiro, I’ll include the recipe for the classic type first.

Muito bom!

Brigadeiro Recipe
(Also known as Negrinhos in Rio Grande do Sul)
Made in Brazil for birthday parties and weddings, these chocolatey fudge truffle delights are every sweet tooth’s dream!

1 can of sweetened condensed milk (the cheaper, the better)
1/2 stick of butter
2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder (or a little more if you’d like it extra fudge-y)
chocolate sprinkles (jimmies)
small paper candy cups

1. In a heavy, medium sized sauce pan, combine the condensed milk and butter, stirring constantly over low heat.
2. When the milk begins to thicken, add cocoa powder and stir or whisk until ingredients are combined well.
3. Continue until you can see the bottom as you stir, and the mixture slightly pulls away from the pan, plus two minutes more.
4. Pour and spread onto a large plate or greased cookie sheet and allow to completely cool.
5. Butter your hands and roll small amounts of the “batter” into small balls, and roll the outside with the chocolate sprinkles.
6. Place in small candy cups, and serve!

A rich, chocolatey, fudge sphere of heaven!


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