>Woodstar Cafe

>Northampton, MA
[Google maps location & reviews Here.]

On a sunday, when you need an escape to study in a place other then the library, Woodstar is an excellent outlet. Filled with fresh baked goods and barista-fied drinks without the ever-so large starbucks chain store, the cafe is exactly the place for me. After the UMASS skating show, we took a trip to the cafe. It’s location is excellent for lower elm residents like me. I took pictures of some of the goodies, and I strongly recommend all check into Woodstar and order something sweet. However, if you’re craving something more savory to nibble on, have no fear. Woodstar has fresh baked breads in addition to their excellent pastry selections.

Some photos of the works of art:

flourless chocolate torte; three out of five at our table all ordered this decadent chunk of cocoa madness.

I enjoyed seeing the various coffees and hot chocolates with designs

each design had an unique personal touch to it! 
steamed milk was an excellent option to avoid chocolate overload!

my “designed” peppermint hot chocolate made me shy to jump in! the dollop of whipped cream was a perfect touch.

Ironically, I’ve gotten grapefruit soda and other gourmet drinks and such from various countries at woodstar also. Like many places in northampton, they cater to special dietary restrictions also. There is something for everyone here!
Happy eating!

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