>There’s Nothing Like Couture Cupcakes!

>I have to say, I am such a sucker for fashion-inspired baking.
Although I’ve seen all the Louis Vuitton and Chanel bag cakes, these Louboutin cookies are so gorgeous and new. Also, like all Louboutin trends, I have a weakness for the cherry-red cupcakes. Louboutin has had several cakes made for events, and the simple yet elegant unmistakeable beige Louboutin boxes were to die for.

After browsing with my best friend, Nia, we chose our favorite Couture-Cookies&Cupcakes from a couple of blogs/websites:

I love that they hand drew the shoes and included the red-sole shadowing!

Although I didn’t love the color choice, I love the CC’s and the quilting technique with rivets

One of the last sites we saw, and my favorite design hands down. I love that each cupcake has a classic logo (Hermes; my favorite!)

As my mom is a manicurist, I love the cosmetic chanel cupcakes! They were really well designed, and were really interesting and textured! I love that the pieces were sculpted and not painted.

I like that the designer didn’t have to use the signature CC to make the cupcakes Chanel-esque. The Pearls were done wonderfully, and the class black and white really got it’s point across!

I loved the Cherry-red cupcakes Although I don’t know what the pedestal was made out of, I loved the red detailing on the top of it. If these cupcakes were shoes, I’d have to say they’d be the “very privé” classic pumps!
I don’t think that it was necessarily the craftsmanship of the cupcakes, but I really valued the use of Chanel’s signature quilting and pearls, Tiffany & Co.’s turquoise boxes with a white bows, Gucci’s “GG” logo (which would be incredible if they made the Guccissima on fondant.. I’ll have to try that!), and of course Louboutin’s red soles. I think that even if there was no logos on the cupcakes, you’d be able to get the gist of the inspiration by the designer’s work.
I would love to see a collaboration of designer’s food like the American Fashion Cookbook: 100 designer’s best recipes with just cupcakes! Also, I think it would be incredible if they did a cupcake version of the UNICEF’s “Frimousses de Créateurs” to raise awareness of a cause like world hunger. =] That would be quite a delicious deed, no?
Photos from:

Trendland’s “Fashion Cupcakes”Junbinspired’s “If You Can’t Have It, Eat It!” and Pumpsicle’s “Louboutin Cookies and Chanel Cupcakes”

Here’s to trés chic baking!


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