>New Layout!

>As some may know, pink is my absolute favorite color in the whole wide world! I made this layout on photoshop today after returning to my dorm. What do you think? I’m still perfecting it, but for now I think it’s an adequate representation about me and this blog. A wise blogger once told me design is key, and I think he’s probably right. No one wants to rummage through a messy site, right?
Maybe, if I get my own shop one day, the awning in front can look similar to this. We’ll see.

My new logo: (custom/originally made by me using photoshop cs5!)

Anyway, Today was not quite an exciting food day for me, as I drove (for the first time!) from new york back to school in Massachusetts. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. Plus, the i-pod connector in my car allowed for good music, thank god. Once we got back to school, I did a lesson of my Hebrew Rosetta Stone and revised a Psychology paper. Also I spoke to my friend, Luis who is serving our country with the USMC in Afghanistan and will be returning home soon thankfully. I did this all while multi-tasking and watching Nicki Minaj’s Documentary on MTV. It was really touching, I learned she was also really close to her Grandmother that passed away. Her grandmother also never got to see her reach her full potential, so I could really relate to her story. Everything I do, I do in my grandmother’s honor, and I hope she can look down and be proud of me for that. Well, on a happier note now, I’m excited about this blog thing, and I really want to reach out, so…

So, I edited the blog design of course! and with that, I added a poll! The poll will be running until January 1st, so hopefully I can start putting together a blog of not only what I want, but what readers want also! Talk to me, people!
You can chose as many of the options as you want! And I’ll continue to post all of the categories, but I’ll focus on what people would like the most! Please voice specific requests also! It’s all anonymous, so please feel free to vote! And write to me! Until then, I’ll just post whatever I feel like I guess. =] I can’t build a following of people if I only write about what I want to forever. I want to make you guys happy too. =]

And on that note, I think tomorrow calls for a recipe blog! Perhaps red velvet cup cakes or make molten-center chocolate cakes? Hm… Until then..

Peace, Love, &


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