>Witches Brew


Saying goodbye to friends from home was especially hard this time around, as I was awfully stressed from school work and needed this break like crazy. For our last night, we went to Witches Brew in West Hempstead, NY. Witches Brew has always been our late-night quick-fix place to go. Also, if I had to choose what type of food-ish place I’d like to own, it would definitely be WB. My camera battery died, but the lovely Dani B was able to help me out and take some pictures. Witches Brew is filled with hidden gems, including different varieties of loose teas and flavored coffees. It’s very hectic and crowded on weekends, but it’s great and open late most nights, except for mondays. WB has an ambience that trumps your local dunkin’ doughnuts, without trying very hard, as most of the furniture seems to have come from various yard sales and such. Unlike many other places, though, I’ve found that the quality at WB never slips, regardless of how busy they get. 
Raveena’s White Mocha was served in a glass pedestal mug!

Frozen hot chocolate; even though it snowed at our colleges today. 
I changed it up a little from my usual passion/envy tea, and got the passion fruit papaya instead. It’s light, and fruity aromas go wonderfully with my cookies (see below). PS: look at the iron kettle all of the teas come in!

To go with her drink, Nia ordered a s’more ice cream sunday. one word: WOW.

My chocolate chip cookie, smothered in powdered sugar, naturally. 
WB has the most delicious white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies; warmed up and also served with sugar. 
A new find was the warm crumb cake, which also came with raspberry! (which i never knew was spelled with a ‘p’)

Victor followed suit and ordered three White-Choc Mac-Nut cookies with a couple scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream.

how cute, guys.

Although really incredible to look at, the menu is often much to complicated to try and go through in just a couple of minutes. Many, including myself, skim the 8 page menu instead.

I know I was terrible for doing it, but I ordered a second drink: the hot chocolate with a shot of mint: delicious!

Dani’s ice coffee, like the frozen hot chocolate, came in a cute mason jar, and a twisted straw. I loved the mini-milk pitchers!

Nia ordered her drink to match her dessert by adding a shot of toasted marshmallow and marshmallows to her frozen hot chocolate!

Paper art and various types of lighting adorn the ceiling and windows

Group of three sitting besides us
Even when you’re outside, the witches brew appears to be dimmed and closed; but trust me you’ll know it’s closed only when it’s completely blacket out!

The scene at WB is interesting, and like any late night hot spot. The very whimsical (to say the least!) WB hosts guests of all types from high school age teenagers to late adult dates. I always enjoyed that people will come from near and far to enjoy the hipster music and the mouth-watering vegan brownies with an iced caramel chai tea; it’s really that good.
And with that, it’s 8AM and I’m heading back to school with some of my fellow new yorkers! Good day to you,


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